Effective Cleaning meets Environmentally-Friendly

Choosing the right metal cleaning process for your operations improves efficiency, productivity and profitability. But, it’s also critical to make sure you’re minimizing your environmental impact and doing the right thing for the environment.

At Hubbard-Hall, we’ve been tackling the issue of making industrial cleaning as sustainable as possible for more than 30 years. That means bringing you more sustainable chemistries – and giving you better ways to use them.

We look at not just your cleaners, but your whole cleaning process, and consider every angle to reduce the environmental burden of your cleaning operations. Whether you need chemistries with less impact or closed systems that recirculate chemicals, our goal is to provide you with the most effective cleaner with the least impact possible.

Three Steps to Sustainable Cleaning


1. Less Chemistry

Hubbard-Hall is the chemical company that’s willing to sell you fewer chemicals if it’s the right thing to do. That’s why we audit your entire process to discover areas to reduce chemical use. We’ve also developed products that combine multiple steps in one, which helps you reduce both labor and chemicals.

Clean, deoxidize, and brighten in one step with Aquaease® 2289. So, you reduce the chemicals, time, and cost to clean.

Our Cleaning Experts audit your operations and apply their average of over 30 years of cleaning experience each to find ways you can clean effectively with few chemicals.

2. Less Waste

What if you could refresh, recirculate, and reuse your chemistry instead of sending it to your waste stream? You’d almost never have to replace chemicals, which means less waste – and less wasted cost. Hubbard-Hall has partnered with equipment manufacturers to bring you closed systems that retain more of your chemistry (and your profitability).

Aquaease® Infinity cleaner works with an Arbortech membrane to trap contaminants and allow good cleaner to pass through. The reclaimed cleaner then returns to the cleaning bath, fresh as new. So, you retain up to 98% of your cleaning solution and save 35% on your costs.

SAFECHEM® Dowclene™ combines high-performance modified alcohol cleaners with closed SAFECHEM cleaning systems. The system is fully contained, so you can reclaim and reuse 95% of your solvent.


3. Less Impact

Are you looking to eliminate the use of specific chemicals like phosphorous and bromide? That’s why we offer alternative cleaners which incorporate chemicals that have been third-party-certified as sustainable options.

Dowclene™ cleaners are low-toxicity modified alcohol solvents specifically formulated with MAXISTAB stabilizers to guard against white metal or water-based degradation that can prematurely degrade cleaning solvent. Dowclene is certified biocompatible according to DIN ISO 10993-5, 20091.

Emerald water-based cleaners use third-party-certified environmentally-friendly surfactants like citric acid to effectively remove oil, grease and particulates from metal parts.

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